Ivy’s Bio & Skills

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Hello authors & producers!

A bit about myself. I have a background in theater and music extending back to early childhood, including live performance, effects & sound engineering; as well as producing final recordings of both live and studio productions.

I moved into audiobooks, branched out into amateur radio plays & effects/foley, and have been honing a hybrid performance & production style for professional work. I thoroughly enjoy employing character voices and effects, creating a seamless subtle soundscape which enhances but does not overshadow the performance. My use of sound is more of a sketch of character immersion than audience immersion, a supporting role rather than a distraction for the ear.

Where straight narrative is the style called for by the author, my narration is sympathetic, precise, soothing and clear. I have exceptional, crisp diction, anchored in a low contralto, slightly husky delivery that avoids the slight edginess of so many female voices.

Though new to my professional work, I have half a decade of amateur narration behind me, totaling approximately 2 million words – much of it directed by an exacting and demanding coach. The work I have put in prior to my jump to contracted work shows in the polished narration, acting, effects and production.

I look forward to giving the best of my skills and talent to your book :)