Pretty much what ACX does at this point is check for basic consistency compliance - did you save at the right bitrate/sample rate, did you leave the right number of seconds at the beginning & end of the file - basic stuff.  What they don't check for is garbled file uploads - insert horrifed face here when I realized that the third book of the Seeds trilogy had gone out with a file that for some reason in the upload to ACX had been loaded with digital artifacts, and had already sold a bunch of copies.  GAH.  

That's okay - I'm just as happy ACX doesn't have a veritable army of quality control checkers, because there are literally dozens of aspects of editing and post-production that could be picked on and that would drive any new audiobook narrator to distraction.  Newbies aren't getting paid hardly anything when they accept royalty-only contracts (I think my first book has made about 30 bucks in 5 years :D), and while most people don't launch into an audiobook career until they can perform reasonably well (indeed, that's why we do this thing - performing is awesome), that has absolutely nothing to do with the other skillsets you also need:  director, editor, post-production quality nit-picker.  

Being an audiobook narrator is not 'reading a book aloud,' not by a long shot.  

lolololol - I started to write the rest of this blog post chatting about some of these things, but it turned into a whole damn article.  ..sooo here's a link instead :D


At any rate, The Lost Children is on its way to its final checks... *folds hands, looks up at deities far and near* may I please not have overlooked any picky acx settings, and may the uploads please not have gone astray, because I would love it if this book came out in time for last minute Christmas presents :)