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Valhalla With a Twist of Lethe


Satyros Phil Brucato

Valhalla is an anthology of lush magic and pagan joy and the sensuality of being an animal among animals.  A book that will take you out of this world, and into many others, wrapped in prose by turns comfortable as a warm cup of tea, and hair raising in clipped speed and emotion.

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Ivy Tara Blair: Faces of the Tsunami

Welcome to an old-fashioned serial audiobook!  In 2004, a tsunami swamped Indonesia.  The USNS Mercy hospital ship was deployed to help with the relief effort; Rear Admiral Bill McDaniel MD headed up that effort. This is his story.

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Audio Portfolio

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Interested in having me narrate your audiobook?  Simply curious about what my audiobooks will bring to your experience of story listening?  Here is a playlist of short audio clips.

For me, audiobook creation goes far beyond simply 'reading aloud' - and I'm a one stop shop.  From your prose to the final .mp3 or CD, it's all under one roof :)

Latest Audiobook!

The Lost Children


Carolyn Cohagan

The Lost Children is a delightful middle-school reader about falling into another land, meeting strange people and creatures...and falling back out again!  Twists! Turns! Enemies! Unexpected friends in unexpected places!  And great fun :)

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Ivy Tara Blair: Unplugged
Quarantine Edition 

Welcome to my 'informal reading of my favorite works' podcast, focusing on pieces with humor, kindness, deep feeling, and lighthearted joy.  Consider this podcast 'unplugged:'  there will be some flubs, much laughing, and talking to you rather than only talking about the story. 

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Available Audiobooks

The Lost Children
by Carolyn Cohagan 
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The Sowing
book 1 of The Seeds Trilogy by K. Makansi  
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The Reaping
book 2 of The Seeds Trilogy by K. Makansi 
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The Harvest
book 3 of The Seeds Trilogy by K. Makansi 
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The Dead
by James Joyce 
(audio   |  also to the right)

The Collar
by J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin
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Free Audiobooks

The Dead, by James Joyce

The Collar, by J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin


J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin's comments:

And so I went and got another beer from the fridge, filled the bath with hot water (because it’s been freakin’ cold outside), locked myself in the bathroom and took a listen.

I sat in the tub till my water went cold, eyes wide, headphones in, attention fully arrested.

Ivy brought The Collar to life in ways I never thought possible. And so, I invite you to listen to her performance, hear her tell the story of an unnamed girl and how that girl’s special gift has stolen all choice from her, but yet she is still not hopeless.

Ivy's Bio

Hello audiobook lovers!

What does Ivy do in this world of audiobook recording?  Well, my great love is speculative fiction, whether YA literature or adult, scifi or dystopia, urban fantasy or AU fiction.  Give me another way to see the world and I will immerse myself in that book for months at a time!  Might as well be recording it then too, eh?

A bit about myself. I have a background in theater and music extending back to early childhood, including live performance, effects & sound engineering; as well as producing final recordings of both live and studio productions.

I moved into audiobooks, branched out into amateur radio plays & effects/foley, and have been honing a hybrid performance & production style for professional work. I thoroughly enjoy employing character voices and effects, creating a seamless subtle soundscape which enhances but does not overshadow the performance. My use of sound is more of a sketch of character immersion than audience immersion, a supporting role rather than a distraction for the ear.

Where straight narrative is the style called for by the author, my narration is sympathetic, precise, soothing and clear. I have exceptional, crisp diction, anchored in a low contralto, slightly husky delivery that avoids the slight edginess of so many female voices.

I record carefully and with great joy. Obsession and perfectionism is a great set of character flaws if one is an audiobook artist doing all one’s own production, sound effects and character work - I’ll apply them liberally, and hope the outcome is delightful :)

Blogging the Reality Behind the Illusion
Links to both my 'Ivy Tara Blair: Unplugged ~ Quarantine Edition' and 'Ivy Tara Blair: Unplugged ~ Faces of the Tsunami' podcasts are available on the main page (with links to google podcast, apple podcast, youtube & stitcher *pantpantpant*)
this tired
Someone asked me today, what things I wish I'd known when I first started....
I'm starting to host the Unplugged podcast on PodBean!
As I type this, tens of thousands of people have contracted COVID-19, the coronavirus, and literally millions are in some state of 'shelter in place' or full on quarantine in their homes. So, I have revived my 'informal reading of my favorite works' podcast, focusing on pieces with humor, kindness, deep feeling, and lighthearted joy. May it give some comfort, some ease, some faith there is goodness in the world.
the long and short of it is, between the last book I'd done for ACX and this book, they'd completely changed their final post-production standards. And i mean *completely.* And not only had they added a chokingly restrictive set of parameters to the post specs, they sound ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. I mean...seriously....awful.
When I decided to do a short run of podcasts to see how that format worked for me, I knew I'd need intro/outro music for it…. music that reflected the 'unvarnished first-take' quality that was the theme of the whole 'Ivy Reads' podcast. And then suddenly, it happened - in exactly the best way :)

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