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recording for noise...
...without noise - Bit depth, sample rate & compression

All my gear [and settings] is selected for the lowest noise floor I could get.  Why?  Because less noise…allows me to make more noise.  Lets keep going, cause that really does make sense in a couple of minutes!

Audiobook Narration - it's always more than 'reading aloud'

There are literally dozens of aspects of professional audiobook narration that can drive any new audiobook narrator to distraction. You see, most people don't launch into an audiobook career until they can perform reasonably well - indeed, that's why we do this thing! performing is awesome! But here’s the thing: nothing about performing gives you the other skillsets you also need that are absolutely vital to creating an audiobook; and you must acquire and enjoy alllll these other skills. Performance is a fantistic high, but these other skills will be the bulk of your time spent on the book, and if you aren’t excellent at them or don’t enjoy them, you’ll wilt away like a flower in the sun. A lovely lovely book-reading flower.