Ivy Tara Blair: Unplugged is climbing to 'actually, I may be doing a podcast...' status.  By hosting on PodBean, I'll gain access to distribution, basically.  Not rn - rn I'm putting up the first 5 eps on the 'free' account and getting a feel for the site; but once I've upgraded, distribution becomes possible. Yes!  (actually, come to think of it, Apple may be a possibility right now, I should check that...)

It does irk me that I already pay for hosting with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth...but man, I do NOT want to try to jump through the hoops it would take to get the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google etc. etc.  It's worth ten bucks a month to get distribution automatically!

The other huge advantage, is a really nice looking, fully featured, embedable audio player.  I cannot tell you how baffled (and seriously irked) I am that Concrete5 does not have a single audio player worth having...and they only have two.  So now the podcast, at least, will have a nice player to live in that i can post on the site :)