Covid is exhausting - and that's even when you only have a mild-ish case of it.  I mean 'mild' has never, to me, meant 'watching one's blood oxygen level like a hawk every day for a week.'  Covid has redefined what 'mild illness' is, I suppose.  So many people are being left with long term health issues, I feel fortunate to be dealing with kind of...CFS on steroids, as it were.  The brain fog is bad, the fatigue is bad, the low motivation is bad, the executive function is SO bad - it's making me seeking an ADHD diagnosis that i've needed for years!


But mostly it's about the tired.  And while I'm recording well, it's working against a sense of physical drag I haven't experienced in years.


Tired narrator is tired.  At least, thanks to a twitter narrator kindness, i have a very updated work-flow, so my tired narrator self can get much more done than I used to!




tired narrator is tired.  and likely to remain so.